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Week of March 14 - March 21, 2016

Things to Know

Collab Planning

You can cancel your collab planning due to Early Release and conferences.


Teachers, you must complete a Behavior form when sending students to the office. Some instances require you to send a child immediately, however, a form must be completed before the end of that day. Be sure what you are sending them for is indeed an office referral and not a classroom managed behavior.

Picture Day

Picture day is Tuesday Mar. 22. Your students will do individual and class pictures. Be prepared to take one more picture!


We are expecting to conference with 100% of the parents here. If you are having trouble getting conferences scheduled, please email Ms. Arnold-Smith and cc Mrs. Hill and me so we can assist. Remember to send us a calendar invite for any conferences you would like help with as well as retention conferences.


If you are planning to be out, you must secure a sub. The only way you are able to put an absence in AESOP without pre-arranging a sub is when you get sick overnight or at school. Everyone needs to update their emergency plans and place them where your team can locate them. If you do not have plans, your team has to come up with something for the sub to do with your students, and this can be difficult.

In addition to this, please update your schedules and make sure they are in teh grade level folders so we know where you are throughout the day. This includes Homeroome teachers, Gifted, EIP, Special Areas, ESOL, and Paraprofessionals.


This is a reminder that the Milestone dates on the printed district calendar are different. Students in grades 3-5 will take this test on the following dates:

April 12, April 14, April 19, April 20, April 21 with makeup dates in between. We can not afford to have absences during this window. Please do not request to be off unless a true emergency arises.

April PL Day

Please mark your calendar for April 4, as a PL day. This is the day we will have Milestone training along with other testing security training. Please do not request to be off on this day. It is an in-house PL day, and we all need to be here.


March 22 - Spring Picture Day

March 23 - 25 Parent Teacher Conferences / ERD


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