Project Planning

Step-By-Step Guide

Project Goals

The steps to project goals are

  • Find out the stakeholders needs.
  • Set goals that need to be achieved
  • After they have been established record them in the project plan.

Project Deliverables

Project deliverables are things that you would like to achieve with your project. Each deliverable should have a goal date

Project Schedule

Project schedule should include

  • Resources required for each deliverable.
  • Establish the amount of effort required for each task.

Potential issue with project schedule

  • Additional resources not anticipated.
  • Delays in deadlines that require communication.

Supporting Plans

Human resource plan

  • Identify by name the individual organizations in the leading role project.

Communication plan

  • Create a document describing how the project is preforming.

Risk management plan

  • Time and cost estimates too optimistic.
  • Lack of resource commitment.