Jaguar Journal 12/9/19

Hold on.....

Who has started a countdown of the days left of school prior to Winter Break…9.5 in case you haven’t counted yet. This is the season when there is so much going on outside of school, so much on our to do lists, etc. Please plan well and keep students engaged in learning…all moments matter instructionally! The 20th will be here before you know it!!!!

12 Days of Holiday Cheer Continues!

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Week at a Glance

Monday, December 9th:

  • Holiday Cheer - Treats in the MPR! (Please bring a favorite goodie to share!)

  • 5th grade AAPPL testing in DL

Tuesday, December 10th:

  • Holiday Cheer - Surprise!

  • 5th/K PLC

  • 4th Grade AAPPL testing in DL

  • After Dismissal the following meetings will occur:

    • PBIS in Hamilton’s room

    • DLT in PLC room

    • Sunshine committee in Orchard Hay’s room

Wednesday, December 11th:

  • Holiday Cheer - Drawing for LUNCH OUT with coverage provided!

  • 4th/1st PLC

  • Carla/Eddie off campus for an afterschool meeting from 3:30 - 5:30

  • 3rd Grade AAPPL testing in DL

Thursday, December 12th:

  • Holiday Cheer - Cocoa/Coffee Bar

  • 3rd/2nd PLC

  • EC PLC in PLC room After School

Friday, December 13th:

  • Tacky Holiday Sweater Contest - please keep it appropriate and be ready to win! The school will vote on a winner and that person will get a prize!!!




    • JANUARY 14th - SLT


Bus Dismissal

All adults that are responsible for bus dismissal, please be sure that you are doing the following every day:

  1. Walking your class all the way down the sidewalk and watching the students to ensure they are boarding the correct bus

  2. Monitoring all students to be sure that they are walking and keeping hands and feet to themselves

It is critical that we account for each student every day and need to make sure all students load the correct bus daily.


  • Peer Observations are due before we leave for Winter Break. Please make plans to make these happen asap if you haven't already. Let Carla/Eddie know if you need help.

  • Certified staff on abbreviated cycle- your 20 minutes snapshot observation is unannounced. We will complete these prior to Winter Break (see the information given at the beginning of the year).


  • Lockdown - We will have an unannounced Lockdown Drill prior to Winter Break. Please prepare your students for this important practice drill.

Save the Date

  • Mark your calendars for December 20th at 12:45! Our PTA will be treating us to a wonderful lunch as we begin the holiday season! More details about the luncheon coming soon!

The Book Whisperer

  • Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller: Are you interested in finding out more about how to awaken the inner reader in every child? We are considering doing an optional bookclub using this text! Please add your name here if you are interested in receiving a copy of the text for some optional reading!

SLT Minutes

  • School Leadership Team Meeting - Our School Leadership Team met this past week. See notes here and talk to your representative to find out about the meeting.

Capital Outlay Requests

It is the time of the year where as a school we gather any requests for needs, not wants for NCE (facility, furniture, etc). We shared about the process with School Improvement members in our meeting last week. If you have any ideas regarding needs, please see Carla, Eddie or a School Improvement representative! Requests will be turned the week we return from break.


  • MOY data WILL count towards EVAAS.

  • MOY Benchmark for ISIP may occur anytime during the month of January, but the sooner we can finish the better

  • The student’s FIRST attempt during the benchmark month will be the data used for the state reporting purposes

  • Invalidations:

    • There will be the tracking and reporting of invalidations during MOY.

    • An invalidation occurs when on-demand assessments must be assigned for instances where the first ISIP scores were not valid. The first ISIP data will not be deleted. There will be two sets of data.

    • If a circumstance occurs that requires invalidation during the benchmark month, the state must be notified in order for the correct data to be collected for reporting purposes.

    • Do NOT just assign an on demand for a student to do the ISIP benchmark again without talking to Mandy first.

IStation Issues:

  1. If you are using a Chromebook and having issues with the auto clicking and you have turned off the auto click function, "You will need to be using the Android version of the application, as the Chromebook version does not support the Touch Screen technology, but the Android version of the app does." Mandy has reached out to Jeff to follow up with this. Please email her and Jeff if you need this adjustment for your Chromebooks.

  1. If your students have had issues with sound during an ISIP assessment please email Daphne Terry the answers to the following questions so IStation can problem solve:

    1. What is the device your students are using to login to Istation?

    2. What is the version number of the application? You can find the version number on the bottom left hand corner of the login screen of the Istation application.

    3. If it is only happening to specific students, please provide the name and ID number of those students.

Myon and Tumblebooks

Without a state budget, the district has been unable to renew our Myon subscription. You will not be able to access Myon anymore until a budget is passed and our district has money. We are being told Myon will be renewed once the budget is passed. The district Tumblebooks subscription has expired also. However, due to the low usage numbers, the district will NOT be renewing Tumblebooks.

PTA Requests

Tired of getting a dozen coffee mugs for Christmas? Please consider making an Amazon wishlist for classroom needs and sharing it with PTA. They would like to publish it so that parents can help you achieve your goals this holiday season. Please send your lists to Alex Brinson at

Also, PTA is looking for teachers to sponsor PTA thrift store nights in December and beyond. There is usually better turnout if parents know what they are working for (again, Amazon Wishlists can help). If you are interested in being sponsoring a thrift store night, please contact Lauren Whitley at

Weekly Note

Positive Office Referral Form: Consider making one this week!

Weekly Duties

AM Duty:

Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby: Trejio, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway : Webster

Intersection/MPR Lobby: Gendron

4th/5th Hallway: Spencer

Buses: Trygar

Cars: Murray, Brooks, Avila, Stahoviak, B. Horton, Webster

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, Avila, Brooks, Parrish, K. Horton

Cars: Orchard-Hays, Rife de los Santos, Hamilton, Knaus, Torres, Membreno, Gendron, Evans, Rowland- TL, Maul- TL