Church at The Bus Stop

The Soup Kitchen Ministry February 9, 2013

From Roger and Bettie Sidwell-News From the Mission Field In Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

The Soup kitchen ministry is going full swing and we are feeding more than 50 hungry homeless people regularly. Some of the faces are the same and some have changed, but the needs are constant. It is good to see the growth of this mission as God works on the hearts of his people. The Church at the Bus Stop is its own testimony to the work of God's great Hand.

Everyone has a Story

Ironman was an electrician. He got caught up in an electrical panel where he lost an arm and now he lives in a garbage dump.

Lifelighter's Ministries

Roger and Bettie Sidwell are involved in mission work in collaboration with many friends. They have been working in Ocho Rios, Jamaica for 25 years. God is good, indeed! Thank you for your prayers, and financial support.