Serial KIller: Jeanne Weber

A.K.A.: "The Ogress"

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Early life

Born in a small fishing village in northern France, Weber left home for Paris at age 14, working various menial jobs until her marriage in 1893. Her husband was an alcoholic, and two of their three children died in 1905. By then, Weber was also drinking heavily, residing in a seedy Paris tenement with her spouse and her seven year old son.


Her main tactic for killing her victims was to strangle them. Mainly small children, she would babysit and strangle kids to death. She had blamed the deaths mainly on convulsions. She was caught once strangling her sister in law's ten year old on and was sent to an insane asylum. She was however declared sane and was released. She was then found again strangling another ten year old in an inn with a bloody handkerchief and the father had to punch her three times in the face before she would release the lifeless body. She was then credited insane and sent to another asylum. Credited with at least ten murders, she survived two years in captivity before manually strangling herself in 1910