Laura's Expensive Option

Make Montford 6-12 SILSA by 2020

ACS Preschool goes K-5/HFE goes K-5

As in my previous recommendation, ACS grows yearly and HFE reverts to K-5 giving all elementaries a consistent offering which is easier to staff and to support.

Montford opens fall 2016 as 6-8 magnet middle school

Principal is hired and staffing is similar to my other proposal for 6-8 magnet.

In spring of 2017, all eighth graders in district are told that their SILSA option will be at Montford moving forward and fall 2017 it opens as 6-9. 10-12 SILSA students remain at AHS for their duration.

Construction of science labs at Montford begins with completion of the first by Fall 2018.

Fall 2018 Montford houses 6-10. SILSA 11 and 12 remain at AHS.

Fall 2019 Montford houses 6-11. Second science lab needed.

Fall 2020 Montford is now 6-12 SILSA with a true differentiated program from AHS.

Benefits / Considerations

Current SILSA students (parents) never leave AHS. Future students can access courses half a day on AHS campus and can participate in extracurricular, but there is a smaller learning environment at Montford which would provide a true difference for some students and we relieve crowding at AHS campus.

Costs of science labs is extended over a few years as we start with 6-8 and build up maybe one in year two and another in year three.

Additional busing mid-day to transfer many high school aged students from Montford to AHS or AB Tech to access afternoon electives and after school sports/band type activities will require funds and coordination.

Coordinating AHS schedule to allow accessible AP courses and electives 3rd and 4th period would take some planning. It would also be possible to let some SILSA students start the day at AHS and transfer over to Montford when the bus goes mid-day.

Coordinating with AB Tech to allow accessible college courses or even provide an instructor on campus at Montford requires advanced communication and planning.