The Great Migration Newspaper

People can be treated equaly, Published by Jaron and Colin

Jim Crow Laws No More!

Jim crow law caused a big gap between African Americans and Americans. These laws would segregate African Americans and whites. With Jim Crow Laws it would allow whites to kick out an African American from their seat after a long day. Jim Crow Laws prevented many opportunities for African Americans.

The Great Migration

Through 1916 to 1970 about six million African Americans moved from farming to large cities. Though there may be a lot of job opportunities they were payed less and also people would prejudice African Americans. Since so many people moved it was called The Great Migration.
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Womens Rights - Jobs

"In the 1800s before they were married, many women in cities worked as maids, in factories, mills and workshops. By 1900s about 4 million women worked in jobs other than farming by the years the women's rights list was getting longer. Some even were lawyers! Women's Suffrage was the right to vote. Even though they can serve their country they still couldn't vote.
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The Nineteenth Amendment

Women's rights started slow because only Wyoming gave women the right to vote. By 1918 15 states had the opportunity for women to vote. Carrie Chapman Catt, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton helped the suffrage for women's rights. In 1919 they passed the Nineteenth Amendment where women could vote.
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