Background Information

  • The capital is Bridgetown
  • Some major city's are Speighstown and Oistins
  • The British contolled Barbados until they gained their independence in 1966 but is part of the U.K commonwealth.
  • The official language in English

Geographical Information

  • The country is a small island
  • The land is mainly flat in the southern part but more hilly and mountainous in the north east and west.
  • Surrounded by water and has many beaches all white white sand.

Political and Dipomacy information

  • Barbados has a Representative Democracy
  • The leader is Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart
  • Barbados is on good terms with other countries because they are linked with the U.K and has many allies through them.

Economic and Trade Infomation.

  • Their currency is the Barbados dollar
  • The economic system in Barbados is capitalism
  • Top 5 imports: Rubber, refined petroleum, cocoa bean, crustaceans, crude petroleum.
  • They get imports from Nigeria, USA, Trinidad and Tobago, China, and Suriname
  • Top 5 exports: Refined petroleum, package mendicants, non-fillet frozen fish, hard liquor, and concentrated milk.
  • Barbados gets their exports from Nigeria, USA, areas, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamacia.

Tourist Information

People should visit Barbados for many reasons. The white sand beaches are everywhere and the scenic views are on going through out the island. The temperature is always warm 70-95 degrees F. The tourists can also have amazing biking and hiking opportunities on the flowing hills and rocky mountains. The views ontop of mount Hillaby is amazing and looks down on the whole island. There are many rum distilleries too. The island also has caves like Harrison cave. Tourists could also retreat in the many coves and bays of the islands. All in all, Barbados is the perfect retreat, honeymoon or get away for the tropic life.