BCCA MESSENGER October 1, 2018

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Are your willing to share your talents and volunteer?

Luke 10:2 says “...The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” In this verse, Jesus was sending out the 72 to further His kingdom. Jesus originally had 12 disciples to help him, but having and using more will naturally spread the kingdom of God even further. The more people helping complete a task will ensure the task gets done much better and quicker.

The year is well underway at BCCA. The students are behaving well, learning about Christ, and growing academically each day. One challenge we face as a small school is dealing with the upkeep of the building and land. The school requires attention regularly. While we appreciate those who are currently volunteering, we are looking for additional volunteers to help with things like killing weeds, cleaning the kitchen, clearing wasps nests, etc. Sharing the volunteer work will help alleviate the burden of the upkeep of our school, and provide a better curb appeal for prospective families.

I am in the process of putting together a group of rotating volunteers for the school. Ideally, we would have a few small groups and they would come in once a month on Sunday. The groups would rotate so any one group would only need to come in once every 2-3 months. Just as Jesus needed more disciples to continue spreading his kingdom, we need more volunteers to take care of the school. The school is one of our main avenues for spreading the gospel message, so volunteering to help is a great way we can all be disciples who evangelize. We are always looking for ways to reach the community, and a well-maintained school is a key factor for those who are considering school enrollment. Thank you for your consideration as we endeavor to make our school a Christ-filled facility, that will also be physically attractive for potential families. Please pray about this and contact me if you are willing to help.


Lucas Smith

BCCA Principal

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Career Sharing & Developoment

BCCA is looking for professionals to come in and talk to students about their careers. The older students are at a time where they are seriously considering career paths, and now would be a great time to come and share different aspects of various careers. Also, the students are interested in how the school helps them later in life so having professionals talk about careers and school would be very beneficial for them. The ideal time is on Fridays, but any time is welcome. Please contact me if you can schedule a time to come in and talk about your job.

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October 8- Garden Day (Every 2nd Monday of the Month)

October 17 - Parent Teacher Conference

October 21- School Fall Picnic

Nov 13- Science Fair


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Coupon Book Fundraiser

With your support, a total of 57 coupon books were sold, totaling $1175. Home & School appreciates your time and cooperation!

Home & School Leader, Janet Decker

Yard Sale Fund Raiser (Total Amount Raised)

Yard sales are always unpredictable, and this year was no less unpredictable. However, with clear skies and no rain the Big Cove Christian Academy yardsale fundraiser was a huge success. We could not have done it without your support! Together we made $1,070 from donated items, table rentals, and lunch fundraiser. This year was our largest vendor participation with a total of 21 vendors. Four out of the 21vendors were individuals from the community who had heard about our yard sale through social media. It was also encouraging to see our church youth involved in selling their items. One of our own church school student Brianna Gohn tried her hand at entrepreneurship by selling delicious lemonade. Thank you to all the vendors, lunch helpers, and to those who helped with the logistics of setting up tables/clean up. Our endeavor is to use this event to be a witness for the community while being able to fellowship with one another. All proceeds will go towards our new distance learning initiative for grades 9th-12th. Thank you!


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Special Invitation

Join us for our annual Fall Picnic on Sunday, October 21st from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. on the field behind BCCA. This will be a fun filled time of food, fun, and fellowship! Don't miss out on the family friendly games, hay ride, bounce house, roasting hot dogs, and a worship thought around the campfire.

Bing your favorite soup, side dish/finger food/dessert, lawn chair, picnic blanket, and a roasting stick. Vegetarian hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks will be provided. See below for details.


Sunday, Oct. 21st, 4:30-7:30pm

6354 U.S. 431

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Come out and have some fun!


Please sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences. This is a vital part of teaming up with your child and your child's teacher to ensure they are progressing academically, mentally, and spiritually. Sign-up Sheets will be on the bulletin board in the entryway. Classes will dismiss at noon.

Hot Lunches Have Returned!

Exciting news! The Hot Lunch Program has returned! Starting on Monday, October 8 healthy but tasty meals will be prepared every Mon & Wed. The cost per meal is $4. The menu will be sent out to you monthly. Please pay by Sep 7th (Friday). It's important to pay the week before, so our chef has money to purchase ingredients. If you write a check, make it payable to Emmanuel Smith. You may pay in advance if that is helpful, but you must let the teacher know the week before that your child is going to eat the following week.

The only way this program will be sustainable is by people buying the lunches. If lunches are not bought, the program will be discontinued.

Outreach Opportunity (Downtown Rescue Mission)

Part of Big Cove Christian Academy's mission is to reach the community and help those in need. You are invited to join this mission by taking part in one of our outreach opportunities. One of the biggest needs in the homeless community is the need for shoes. From Oct 1 to Oct 20th we will be collecting new or slightly used shoes for the Downtown Rescue Mission. They can be any size, for either a boy or girl. A box labeled "SHOE MINISTRY" will be placed in the front hallway of the school. Thank you for being a part of this outreach.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverbs 19:17

Taking learning outdoors (School Garden)

Welcome to Garden Class! This month during garden class we started plants from seed in homemade soil blocks. The students made the soil block mixture from scratch and then pressed the soil mix into a soil block die. Once released from the die you have a container-less (i.e no paper or plastic pot) soil cube. You now directly seed into the soil cube. As the plant grows the roots fill the soil cube and hold it together. The root tips get air pruned once they reach the side of the cube. This allows you to plant directly into the ground with minimal root disturbance. The seeds we used this month were Dutch Cabbage, Russian Kale and Broccoli. These are all fall/winter plants for our region. If you are able to start the seeds in early August you can be harvesting in November. All the plants above can be frost tolerant if you get them started early, such as August by seed or September by transplants. Last year the cabbage and Kale survived the winter months without protection.

Box Tops for Education & Publix Fundraiser

BCCA has 2 year-round fundraisers that are SUPER EASY to do! The first one is called BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION. Every time you shop for products, please look for a label that says "BOX TOP$ for Education". Clip these labels off and place them in the container at school labeled "BOX TOPS". Each BOX TOP is worth .10 cents! Another way to support our school is to sign up at Publix.com account (if you don’t already have one), select a school, then enter your phone number at checkout. A percentage of each eligible transaction made using your Publix Partners account is allocated to that participating school. Thank you for your support!


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Distance Learning Initiative

We have exciting news for the upcoming year! In our efforts to expand Big Cove Christian Academy grades out to the 12th grade, we have started our transition period beginning this year with the 9th-grade class. We have a partnership with Maplewood Christian Academy (Adventist), who have agreed to provide classroom training using a live Long Distance Learning module starting with math and science. Please keep this initiative in prayer.


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BCCA Families,

We all want our children to do well in life. We want our children to be well trained. We want our children to be disciplined. But how are we to go about this most important work? How are we to train our children to think, to act, to decide for themselves? Why do some children and/or adults seem incapable of thinking or acting for themselves? They seem enslaved to peer pressure. Lacking a firmness of character, they follow others into all sorts of mischief. We must develop a firmness of character in ourselves and in our youth.

As we endeavor to train our children to think and act for themselves. The best way to do this is to follow Jesus’ example, reach their hearts. This heart-work takes time. This heart-work requires much patience. This heart-work requires the parent and/or the teacher to have their own hearts filled with Jesus and His Word. It’s been said that marriage teaches love, but children, patience. May we remember how patient and tender Jesus is/was as He taught the multitudes. The children ran to him. Let’s be careful that we do not command and dictate our children too much. Let’s win their hearts with warmth and sympathy. Let’s show them that we love them by taking an interest in all of their efforts. Let’s get on their level at times and win their confidence. If we reach their hearts, they will develop characters for time and eternity. Praise the Lord, that Jesus won our hearts!

Pastor Jeff Walper

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Thank you families for supporting BCCA. YOU make all the difference, and we appreciate your choice for providing a christian education for your child.