Project 5: Pressfit

Austin Beck

Software and Machine Used:


Adobe Illustrator (64 Bit)

123D Make

AutoDesk Inventor


Universal Laser Systems, Laser engraver

This is the design in the drafting period.

Why Would This Project be Desirable to Others?

This project would be desirable to some because it can symbolize effort that they have put into the Coast Guard. Also it could be wanted by collectors that want something that is more than just a logo that is on paper. This picture shows the layout of how it will print.

What Obstacles Did You Face?

When designing the logo it was difficult to get the design to look symmetrical, because I had to draw in most of the lines myself. Also when printing I couldn't get the inside of the letters to print because they were too small. This is assembling the logo.

What Were You Proud of on This Project?

I was proud that I was able to copy a design that was already made pretty accurately. I was also happy that the design gives off a very professional look and respects the logo. This is a pick of the final project.
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