POHW After Poster

by Phoenix Feliciano

1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the beginning,Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be part of the Regan family.

Page #1- "how about W for want or W for wish or W for wouldn't it be lovely"

2)Hollis' Trust Issues

In the beginning Hollis doesn't really trust anyone because she was abandoned as a little baby. In the end she learns to trust people and care for them. Page #48 "it's were they found you as a baby"

3) What Hollis thinks about Josie

At the beginning she thinks thinks she is crazy and she doesn't like her very much, in the end she loves Josie. pg#127 Josie and Henry were framed in the window,waving at me

4) Hollis going to school

In the beginning Hollis starts skipping school. But when the mustard lady finds her she makes her go back to school. pg#67 "would you like me to drive you to school''.

5)Henry's attitude

At the beginning Henry was a mean grumpy cat to Hollis. In the end Henry is a nicer less grumpy cat. pg#165 "and Henry? Ancient but still feisty''.

6) Josie's memory

In the beginning Josie's memory isn't that good. Later Josie's memory gets worse and worse. pg#66 she had no idea who the person sitting across from her was.

7) Hollis having a home

In the beginning Hollis was a foster child.In the end she lives with Steven and the Regens. pg#163 The old man hung this picture over the bed