Queen Elizabeth

The Life and Death of Queen Elizabeth The First!

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was the ruler of England from 1559- 1603. She was often called, " Good Queen Bess!" by her subjects!

Birth Place

Queen Elizabeth was born on September - 7 -1533 in Greenwich, England. Her parents were King Henry the Eighth and Queen Anne

Early Life and Family Life

Elizabeth's parents were very hardcore Catholics. In Fact, They took her to church when she was only three days old. Everyone was very happy with Elizabeth's birth! Although, her father, King Henry the Eighth was not. This was because he wanted a King to rule after him and not a Queen, like Elizabeth

Before Elizabeth was even three her mother was executed by King Henry. This was because she was suspected of adultery. She did not commit this crime though.

Soon, her father remarried and had a son named, Edward. In her Fathers Eyes, she was no longer important or even a princess. So, King Henry sent her away to a palace far outside of London.

While she was there she made friends with the Governess of the palace, Catherine. She called her, " Cat". She also made friends with her scholar, Roger Ascham.

When she was Thirteen her Father died. Elizabeth's brother Edward became King of England. Although Edward had poor health and died soon after he became King.

Soon after his death, Elizabeth's Sister, Mary, became queen. Queen Mary was a very cruel queen. She was often called, " Bloody Mary" by her subjects. This was because she burned or executed anyone who did not believe in the catholic faith.

When Elizabeth was a teenager, Queen Mary suspected that she was trying to overthrow her rule. This was not true however. She ordered that Elizabeth was put in, The Tower of London. (At the time this was a prison) She was sent to the tower by boat and stayed there for two months.

Finally, Elizabeth was released. Although, she was put on house arrest for a year.

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During the Queens childhood, Roger Asctham was Elizabeth's private teacher. She studied Math, History, Literature, Astronomy, and Geology.
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Adult Life

Elizabeth was declared queen on November- 7- 1558. Shortly after, she was crowned Queen at West Minister Abby. The date was January-15-1559. As Queen, she could, Make Laws, Declare wars, and Raise Taxes.

Every Summer, she would travel to the countryside, visiting all the towns. When the Queen Traveled she brought, 4,000 wagons and 2,500 pack horses!

As Queen, she met with a council called, The Privy Council. They helped her make decisions about political events. The Queen had spies that worked for the council. These spies would alert her if anyone was trying the threaten her or her country. That way she knew what would happen in advance.

Later on, She was asked her hand in marriage by The King of Spain. She turned him down though. This was because, if the queen was single, no one would attack the country in hope they could marry her.

She did have true love though, she was really good friends with, Robert Dudley. He married someone else though.

In 1562, The Queen came down with small-pox. The doctor tried many things to cure her, but she would not get better. When the Doctor wrapped her in red cloth and placed her in front of the fire, she miraculously recovered

Years later, her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots needed Elizabeth to hide her. This was because her country, Scotland, was rebelling against her. She agreed to it but kept her under close supervision.

Over the next 19 years, Mary stayed in at least four different castles. Later, her adversaries alerted her that they were suspicious of Mary. They thought she was planning to overthrow Elizabeth. This was true however, and Elizabeth had Mary beheaded.

Once, King Philip of Spain heard of this he was furious. This was because Elizabeth had beheaded a Catholic queen. He decided to go to war with England. Luckily, England won the war!

Sadly, shortly after that the queen's health started to fail. She died on March-24- 1603.

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During Elizabeth's life she had many achievements, here are some of them.

  • She Established the Church of England as the primary religion of England.
  • She gained the knowledge of being one of England's favorite queens
  • She won the war with King Philip of Spain
  • She lived a long life during her time period. She lived for 71 years

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Fun Facts!

Here are some Fun Facts about Queen Elizabeth's life.

  • When she was told she would be Queen she was sitting under a Oak Tree Reading!
  • On her first day of Queen hood she had a parade thrown for her.
  • The reason she wore heavy white makeup was to cover up her smallpox scars!
  • She had a hobby for sewing!
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The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth the First

The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth is being the Queen of England. She did her best to keep her people and her country safe. She was a very loved queen to the English nation.

A Summary

Queen Elizabeth was born in Greenwich England. During her life she, became Queen, Won Battles, Traveled, beheaded criminals, and helped shape England into what it is today. She died on March 24, 1603