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Cyberbullying is bullying someone on social media accounts like ,KIK, Instgram Facebook,and even online gaming websites.It can hurt, they can get embarrassed and also they can feel unsafe. Even sometimes they get embarrassed they don't want to tell their mum ,dad, grandperants, or even teachers. Don't think it's just kid it is also teenagers.You contact Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or or you can vist cybersmart webste

online saftey

online safty

online safety

online safety is very inporant because if you are not being safe online you can get in very bad situations.You need to do all of these thing if u want to be safe.

* You can can have a password on evrythink you are on online

*You can be privet on a lot of soical media websits

*You can block people online if u dont know them or you can not follow them

or if that isnt working you can vist cybersmart aswell on there website

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Netiquette is being safe and polite online. It is being nice to people online even if they're not your family or friends.