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Paris Thin Models

Kirstie Clements Views: Editor of Australin Vogue for 13 years.

Kirstie Clements, who edited Vogue Australia for 13 years, said it was not unusual for girls to become so malnourished that they had to be admitted to hospital and put on a drip.

Five years after an international anti-anorexia campaign persuaded a number of countries to ban ultra-thin models, her book The Vogue Factor details how stuck the fashion world still is in the insidious world of size zero.

"I was at dinner with a model agent in LA one night three years ago when the girls were super-thin [because of that season's fashions]," Ms Clements said. "She said, 'We've a few girls on drips this season because the samples are so small and casting agents are insisting on such small sizes'.

"You know how you read interviews where models insist that they eat a lot? Not true. The only way they can get that thin is to stop eating. They eat tissue paper to stave off the hunger pangs - literally ball it up and eat it'."

Being sent to hospital is seen as just a part of the battle to get to the top, particularly for the Paris fashion shows, which require a look known as "Paris thin". Clements recalled talking to a top model who was sharing a Paris apartment with another girl. "I asked her how sharing was going and she said, 'Oh, it's fine - she's a fit model so she is mostly in hospital on a drip'."

Designers use so-called fit models as live mannequins to check the fit of clothes - and they are under pressure to be even thinner than other models.

On one long shoot, Clements said she did not see the model eat once. By day three, the girl was so weak that she could hardly stand up or open her eyes.

Will it ever change? "If the designers could be persuaded to use larger sample sizes, that would be a start."

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People consider fashion modeling as an easy business but as a model one has to undergo enormous pains, tedious times to succeed and sustain in fashion industry. Models appearing in fashion shows and magazines look thin so that the attire they wear is presented in the most attractive way. And these models are almost 5 and above inches in height. Such a thin look is not naturally possible. When you get deep into this you will be shocked.

Fashion Models can’t even quit this field as most of them don’t have knowledge about other fields. Usually people enter this trendy field in their early teen and they quit studies to concentrate on modeling. Some countries started introducing humanoids instead of real models and may be in few years from now on can change model's lifestyle.

Model Diets:

Anastasia Ivanova: "Scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, some water, and I just had a bacon cheeseburger—I love bacon! Oh, and I might have a frozen fruit pop

Edie Campbell: "Plain porridge, a sandwich from the catering table, and coconut juice."

Vasilisa Bavlova: I did have two iced coffees, two hot coffees, and two bottles of water."