Should Young Kids Play Football

A news article by: Gunner Jones


Many people think of football as a sport that nationalises our Country, some see it as a sport of fun and exercise, but others see it as a dangerous sport that can hurt their child. According to Author of the Scope Magazine "Should Kids Play Football?" Jennifer Shotz says, "But America's favorite sport is in crisis: An increasing number of kids are choosing not to play. According to ESPN, enrollment in Pop Warner, the largest youth-football league in U.S dropped down by 9.5 percent from 2010 to 2012." This article will tell you why kids shouldn't play football.
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To start with, many kids are dropping the football enrollment rates due to injuries. Most of the injuries come from either tackling another kid or another kid tackling them. This happening can cause injuries ranging from a little scratch to a full on concussion. According to Jennifer Shotz "For example, Pop Warner has limited the amount of practice time that includes tackling (most concussions sustained in football happen during tackles)." Many parents are concerned for their child's safety.
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Be Safe!

In conclusion, parents and others are trying to let kids not play football for a good reason and for their child's safety. Many other people however think it's a good idea. Don't forget to wear your helmet
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