The Religion of Judaism

By: Sydney Voss and Emily Benson


* Abraham was the first Jew, made convenant with their God.

* One God

* 613 commandments given by God

(Abraham is shown below)

Places of Worship

* Synagogues

Text and Writing

* Talmud


(Midrash shown below)

Religious Leaders


Important Holidays

*Rosh Hashanah ( The Jewish New Year celebration of the creation of Adam and Eve)

* Yom Kippur ( Day when God forgave the Jewish people for sin of Golden Calf)

Brief History

* Judaism is the oldest surviving monotheistic religion

* Abraham is the first Jew, made a convenant with God

* Judaism, Christianity, Islam recognize Abraham as the first Prophet

( Also called the Abrahamic Religions)

State of Religion- Judaism

* Israel- most popular

*14,500,000 people practice this religion