Walt Disney

Personal Information

  • Walt Disney was born on Decemeber 5,1901. He was born in Hermosa section of Chicago,Illinois.
  • Most of his childhood he lived in Marceline,Missouri.
  • He worked a summer job wiht the railroad, selling snacks and newspaper to travlers.

Disney went to the shcool of the Art Institue or Chicago and Kansas City Art Institue

Work Background

  • Before he had " Walt Disney " he worked in France with the Red Cross Ambulance Corp.
  • After he returned to Kansas he worked at a commerical art studio apprentice

Company History

  • Walt Disney started Disney world/theme park
  • His brother Roy became Walt's partner and co-founder along with Walt, Walt Disney Productions
  • They started it October 16, 1923
  • September 5, 1927 was the release of the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon
  • November 18, 1928 was the release of the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon and the first appearance by Mminnie Mouse
  • January 13, 1930 Mickey Mouse comic strips debuts
  • April 2, 1940 Walt Disney issues its first stock
  • October 1, 1949 Walt Disney's Music Company was formed
Magic Kingdom Hub Construction Update Feb 26 2015 Walt Disney World

What The Company Is Known For Today

  • Today the company is known for the products of its flim studio
  • Also known for the Walt Disney Studios which is one of the largest and best-known studios in America

What Walt's known for

  • Walt Disney is known for winning 22 Academy awards in his lifetime
  • He created the first themepark, Disneyland in Anaheim, California
  • His favorite authros were Mark Twain and Charles Dickins
  • He attened McKinley High school and he became the school newspaper junio art editor

Personal Thoughts

  • I think Walt Disney was successful because of him making Walt Disney. So many people go there now and they make alot of money. He did so many things to get to where he is now. He renowned Mickey Mouse cartoons and made the first sound cartoon, alos the first technicolor cartoon. If it wasnt for him today we wouldnt be watching Mickey mOuse, Frozen, or any Disney movies