Genetically Modified Foods

Carla Quispe 2B

What are GMF's?

These are foods created from the insertion of a gene, bacteria or virus from one species into a different species to produce a desired effect (resistance to herbicides or insects ect)

What are the benefits of GMF's?

-creates plants more resistant to weeds, insects, ect

-less uses of herbicides and other pesticides.

-Foods with better texture, flavor and nutritional value.


-Increases the foods lifespan (expiration)

-potential to provide edible plant vaccines to prevent diseases

-work in places with poor soil or weather

Disadvantaged of GMF's

-Genes are unpredictable, can lead to unpredictable results

-risk to food diversity

-they are resistant to pests and weeds, this could lead to stronger, less resistant pests and weeds

-safety of these foods is not yet 100% guaranteed

-could cause new allergy outbreaks in humans

-expiraments showed it effects the immune system

-underdeveloped countries become more dependent on the countries making these foods

-scientists say it could cause cancer

My opinion

I think Genetically modified foods should be labeled. There are people who believe it is ok to eat them and some don't approve of them. Those who don't want to eat these foods have the right to know if what they're eating is genetically modified or not. I don't see the problem with labeling the products, either way they're still genetically modified and the consumer should know this. Labeling these foods would be a great precaution to take for those who don't support genetically modifying foods.