What is Light?

Kamryn Martin, Bailey Crabtree, and Mia Kester

The Definition

Light is a form of energy. Light waves are electromagnetic waves. They are made of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Light is what allows us to see. It also gives heat (depending on the source).

How it Travels

Light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object. It does not curve to go around objects. Light waves travel faster than water waves, going about 300,000 kilometers (186,300 miles) per second. Light from the Sun takes only 8 minutes to reach Earth.

Some Sources of Light


So now that you have learned tons of information about light, it's time to put your new found knowledge to the test! Hopefully you were paying attention!

Question 1:

What is light?

A. What wee see with our eyes

B. A form of energy that travels in waves

C. A form of art that reflects

Question 2:

What direction does light travel in?

A. One Direction

B. Curved line

C. Straight line

Question 3:

Which is a source of light?

A. Fire

B. Water

C. Air

Question 4:

True or false?- Water waves travel faster than light waves.