West News Update

November 2018

Attendance--All Day, EVERY Day!

In order for students to learn, to draw connections from instruction they must be present. When students are not at school they miss instruction and fall behind. This can lead to gaps in their learning, frustration, or anxiety for them.

We expect students to be at school every day. We do realize that there are times when that is not possible. Sickness, appointments (doctor, dentist), family emergency affect school attendance. When a student is unable to attend, we ask that a parent/guardian call the Office to report the absence. (208-468-4750)

Taking a student from school early is another form of absence. Please make every effort to wait until after the last bell (2:39 PM each day but Wednesdays which is 1:39 PM) to pick up your child from school.

If a child has excessive absences, we will be mailing letters home about this concern, contacting parents/guardians to establish a plan for improved attendance. We appreciate your involvement and support for improving your child's attendance to benefit their learning.

21st Century Program

West Middle School has a new after school program this year, the 21st Century Program. This operates 4 days a week. Students are supported with homework help and tutoring for a portion of the time daily. There are fun activities focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) along with other activities as well. Transportation is provided home.

If you are interested for your child, contact the Office and you will be directed to Ms. Heath, our program director.

Recognizing our Students

Students are working hard in the classroom and showing the 4-Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Being Ready to learn, positive Relationships). We have established reward days monthly to recognize our students who are doing this on a consistent basis. There is also an end of year field day/trip for each grade level that students are working toward. Good attendance, passing grades, behavior grades of 2, 3, or 4, and few tardies make up the criteria to participate.

Be a part of the recognition! We look forward to recognizing our students for what they are doing at West!