the okangan`s most unwanted!

by matthew gibb and maxwel klassen

what are invasive species

Invasive species is an annoying pest like an organism like plant, animal, fungus, or bacteria. These species are not native to the habitat it is affecting also our economy, environment, and our health affecting the food that we eat. Invasive species like plants and animals are the greatest threat to biodiversity after habitat loss.

Invasive smallmouth bass in the Rapid and Magalloway Rivers
Monster Carp in Okanagan Lake
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"Silent Invaders" Zebra Mussels 2013

desription about common carp

  • up to half a metre long
  • grow to 4 kg in British Columbia
  • two large, whisker-like, sensory barbels on each side of the upper jaw
  • thick, large scales cover the entire body
  • long dorsal fin, and both dorsal and anal fins have a large serrated spine at the leading edge
  • colour ranges from grey to golden depending on diet

the common carp is found in different rivers and are bottom feeders.

about common carp

While common carp are native to Asia, they are also widespread and abundant in Europe where they were introduced in the 11th or 12 th century (Eddy and Underhill 1974). With pressure from European immigrants to bring the fish to U.S freshwaters, carp were first introduced into the Hudson River in New York in 1831. Massive stocking occurred before fishery administrators realized that U.S. anglers preferred the native fishes and were not harvesting the carp. This realization led to the first attempt to control carp in 1891 in Lake Merced, California.