The Music of the Spanish culture

Latin Jazz

What is the name of your music genre?

The name of the musical genre I am doing is Latin Jazz.

Where is it played, listened and or danced to most commonly.

It is played and listened mostly in latin america but can be seen in places like brazil and Cuba, as well as the Spanish Caribbean.

What is the origin of the genre?

Afro-Cuban drummers played a fundamental role in the development of Latin jazz from the late 1940s through the 1960s,

What are the major characteristics of the music in this genre?

it was characterized as a type of music that brought national traditions together and the bridging of musical borders.

What are the main instruments, vocals or arrangements?

a style of music that blends rhythms and percussion instruments.

What are the characteristics of the dances?

the dances are very rythmic and go along with the beat of the music.