Dancing With The Wind News

We fight for ourselves and our people

Nee-Mee poo tribe has been forced out of their homes

I just want to ask, Who has the right to force us put of our homes, kill our people and terrorize our villages? This act has completely broken our tribe and killed our people's souls, even if they haven't been wounded by bullets or knives. Our people have had their hearts broken. This is more important than breaking bones or bullet wounds or even a fatal shot to the neck that we'll never survive from. The first act of this hatred is when the one armed general that you might call leader Howard came to my father the chief of our people and said we had to leave the place of the wandering waters within 30 suns. By this we also would be forced to lose many cattle and dangers would be for our people because this meant we would have to cross the raging overflowed waters of the Snake River. During this time some of our warriors have wanted to stay and fight but, Chief Joseph wanted peace for us and the white people. So we crossed the river and have been moving to your reservation although even when we are moving against our will and not disturbing your people you choose the act of war. My father has tried every bit to stop this but when your people start battles we must fight back. Many warriors have died and even more innocent old men, women and children have died because of this bloodshed. So many have died that we cannot keep fighting like this. We didn't wish for this war but it came upon us like a plague, we cannot stop it and when we do it comes stronger

-Sound Of Running Feet