Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone's family is well and looking forward to being together this week.

One of the things our staff is working on is how to support your family in supporting your children. That is what "Parent University" is about. Teachers are looking for, or constructing links that support parents who are looking for the best ways to help their children succeed. You will often see links to videos embedded in our newsletters or facebook page.

Best Wishes,

Doug Hayman

Link to Tustumena Facebook Page

You will find a lot of pictures and stories about what is going on here at Tustumena

From "The Office"


Please, ALWAYS check in at the office when you come into the building. Even if you are confident we see you, we know you, and what you are doing here, please check in at the office. The world is not getting any safer and we need your cooperation so when Mrs. Mills tackles someone in the hallway it is because they deserve it.

All kidding aside, please check in. Our protocol is designed to keep all kids safe.

Thank you.

Doug Hayman

Third Grade Writing Link

Teaching Without Frills Informational Writing. There are 8 episodes on this topic. Here is the link to episode 1.

Third Grade- Fun with social studies

Since we are doing a lot of Thanksgiving things this week, here is a link that I use every year that parents might enjoy. It covers areas that we talked about for social studies and writing.

Third Grade - Forces and Motion

Here is another link I thought would be useful that goes with our forces and motion unit:

Third Grade- Multiplication concept from this week

This link covers the multiplication concept we are working on too:

Coming Events


22- Early Release Teacher Collaboration Time- Personalized Learning PD

23-24- Thanksgiving

27- Site Council 4pm

29- Box Top Store


8- Cash Raffle 4pm

11- Winter Concert - 6pm

21- Reindeer Games

22- Teacher In-service Standards-based report cards- Personalized Learning PD

25- 1/7/2018- Winter Break

Link to weather closure information for KPBSD

Just to remind yourself how KPBSD goes about weather closures and late starts.