We Lack Gold, but Got Tobacco

Why you should pick Virginia

  • We were the first of the original 13 colonies. That means that we are the "original" original colony.
  • We were a major plantation state with tobacco, corn, and wheat. This means our weather is beautiful and perfect for living.
  • We weren't dominated by a religion aka religious tolerance. This means you can pick your religion judgement free. Also we aren't going to accuse you of being a witch and then hang you (no offense Massachusetts)
  • We also had so much fish and timber that we exported it out to other states. This means that even if you aren't in Virginia, Virginia is coming to you, so why would you just settle near the source?

Why did we pick here originally?

English settlers settled here originally. It was where they first arrived after their 4 month journey aboard the Mayflower from London.
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We are found in the arable Southeast. With our previously mentioned excellent climate and resource rich land. This leads to easy economic prosperity and livable land for our people.

What we Do

We export many natural resources used for every day life. One of our major exports ,however, it tobacco. Tobacco brought us much of our wealth, since everyone is taking a liking to it and buying it a bunch (causing it to become a cash crop).
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Bacon's Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon led this rebellion against the Governor Berkeley, who didn't allow the poor to participate in trades especially with furs. Bacon rebelled against him and had lots of support. They ran the governor out of town and torched the capital. They got a little too crazy and had to be stopped by some merchants, and managed to give England a good run for their money.

The first American rebellion, right here in Virginia only.