Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 17 Christmas Term : 7th-11th Dec 2015

Dates for the diary

First Day of School - Monday 11th January

Thank you to our parent community for all your enthusiasm and support this year. Have a well deserved holiday and see you next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Prep 2 Team!

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Virtues Corner

As children and teachers, we reflected on what we are thankful for this year. Here are some of our thoughts and reflections.

We are thankful for:

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From Prep 2TGa

Santa's presents - Kurt

Family and friends - Alex

Electricity and food and a nice family - Bonnie

Nature and things around us - Sasha and Jess

Things you get from your mum and dad - Toni

School and teachers so we can learn - Erin

Halloween - Charlotte

Our planet - Molly

Horses - Tess

Toys - Thomas

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From Prep 2CNe

For learning in school because lots of other kids don't have school - Cath

For toys because some children don't have toys - Andrew

For a good future. Some people are poor and don't have a wonderful life like we do - Jessica

My mum and dad - Rhea

Friends - Jojo

Shelter because some kids don't have it - Calix

Thank you for all your love, caring, kindness and most of all, thank you for this priceless elephant - Miss Alice

For what I get - Shloka

For all the school and classes - Conor

My grandmother - Maya

Electricity because other people don't have it - Anna

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From Prep 2AMc

To my family for what they give me, bringing me to school and having a wonderful life - Noah

For all my friends and my parents for buying me toys - Jemima

For learning things that are new - Rosie.

To all the teachers because they help us learn - Avi

Some of the parents help me get home when my mum is stuck in traffic. I am thankful to you - Curtis

Thankfulness is giving a gift to a friend - Cosima

Thankfulness is saying thank you for a gift. You must be thankful for what you get - Neha

Thankfulness is saying please and thank you - Rafael

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From Prep 2RDa

For having Prep 2RDa - Alessia

Ms Grace for being nice - Felix

All the things we have done in Prep 2RDa this year - Lachlan

Mrs. Crossland who teaches me - Esme

Ms Grace and Ms Renuka for teaching us - Kianna

My toys - Tristan

For learning - Ishan

My daddy - Liam

Ms Grace for helping me - Elisa

Ms Renuka for teaching me - Isabella

Class Parents

Thank you to all our Prep 2 class parents. Please note that these positions stay in place until Jan 2016 when parents will have a chance to vote at the 'year-ahead' meetings.

Thank you to our wonderful team of teaching partners! We have been incredibly lucky to have had you!!

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What's been happening this week in Prep 2?

Exit Point - Seeing the light