From Miss McCullough's Desk


This week @theStar512


  • Mathletics--Mill Creek


  • No School--Teacher Professional Development Day


In reading this week, we will be continuing to talk about poetry. Throughout this week, we will dig in deeper as to why a poet chooses specific words to express him or herself in poetry. We will also discuss how to understand the theme of a poem. Students will create an adobe voice or iMovie presentation to show understanding over this concept. There will be a Word Wiz Quiz on Thursday this week since there is no school on Friday.


This week in math we will continue working with decimal multiplication and division. We will use models for multiplying decimals by decimals as skill that is on all assessments we will be taking. Students will have a quiz on multiplication of decimals before we dive into division.

Social Studies/Writing

We just finished up reflecting on 2015 and writing goals for 2016 by making some very creative mobiles. We are now in the middle of working on a creative and imaginary writing project with My Life in a SnowGlobe. Tuesday we will be jumping into our American Hero Report. We have not had a chance to choose our heros yet so that will be our first step! I am asking the students to check out a book about their hero from the library this week. We are also going to be focusing on grammar mini-lessons with quizzes on the last day of the week.

A Few Reminders...

Word Wiz Quizzes are every Friday (this week on Thursday!)

Spelling tests are new this semester! Students will get their spelling lists on Mondays and we will test on Fridays (Thursday this week!)