A Modest Proposal

for the problem of marijuana use and trafficking in the U.S.

The Problem

For many decades authorities and society as a whole have had issues dealing with marijuana use and heavy trafficking of the drug. I am here to address this issue with several solutions to this epidemic.

Proposed Solutions

1) Legalize Marijuana use in all states

Legalizing marijuana will cut back on costs such as payment for police enforcing laws against the drug.
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2) Increase jail time for individuals caught using or selling marijuana

Individuals imprisoned for marijuana use and trafficking would most likely not repeat their mistakes after a long sentence.
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3) Publicly Execute Marijuana Users

Publicly executing marijuana users and dealers (by means of hanging or crucifixion (in extreme cases more severe methods of punishment may be necessary, for example, the Judas Pyramid or being Drawn and Quartered)) would scare others into giving up their habits in fear for their lives.
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