Destination Imagination

The First RMS 2016 Message!

Our First Meeting

...was a blast!

We had demonstrations of gymnastics and ping-pong, mythology and song, manga and constructed creatures.

We laughed and took a look at each of the challenges, and learned about basic guidelines for RMS DI. This is going to be a great year!

Our first meetings are in January 5th (Improv and Science) and January 7th (Fine Arts).

Between now and then, kids, please make sure to use the Google Folders to communicate regularly.

The Prezi from our First Meeting

Please review the last few slides with your parents.

Remember the communication and attendance guidelines.

Contact Info for Students, Team Managers and Parents

Parents, if you want me to make any edits to your numbers or email, just let me know. I used the first "Guardian" contact information on Genesis.

Kids, you need to use school email because of state law requirements when connecting with teachers.

DI Groups

I have shared the Google Group folders with students on each team and students, through their school email, have editing privileges.

The google groups are visible through LINK ONLY for other people. Parents are encouraged to view the groups occasionally and to remind students to communicate regularly.

The first few weeks are mostly for get-to-know-you comfort purposes!

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