Adversities From Health Issues

By- Kylie Mears

Nick Vugicic- No Limbs, No Limits

Imagine being born without any limbs, well this is the reality Nick Vugicic is facing. Although, Nick is embracing this difference, for example, Nick spreads awareness by talking to audiences and sharing his story, which can also be shown by visiting his website down below. Nick has overcome a major adversity just by embracing it. He is ok with the fact that he is different than others. Although in his early childhood it was not like this, for instance, Nick faced depression and loneliness while wondering why he was so much different then the other children. His parents faced no warning of his condition, yet they all feel as if this whole situation is god's way of making them stand out from others.
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Catching Kayla

All at once Kayla's world went upside down. The problem was her condition, she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 14. One challenge she faced was the fact she may never be able to compete in one of her favorite sports, soccer, in fact when the news came the soccer coach was devastated and worried maybe even more than Kayla. This lead to her decision to try track and field. The solution wasn't complex, she was going to run until her coach caught her at the finish line, since she couldn't stop herself. So Kayla was faced with a problem but soon found a solution, and she is still doing what she now loves 4 years after her diagnosis.
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Out of my Mind by- Sharon Draper

Melody lives her life in a wheelchair and has to have assistance 24/7. Melody has cerebral palsy which takes away her capability to walk and talk. In contrast she can't joke with friends, hang out at the mall without and adult or even have a casual meal with a friend while on the other hand regular kids have access to all of this and more. Unlike others she can't stand up for herself or speak what she wants. She is stuck in her own world. Similar to others Melody attends school and has a big personality. Melody is stuck and can't find clearance in her own body, she is truly living a life, out of her mind.


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