Flint Community Schools Montessori

January 2017 Edition

Montessori Open House

February 23rd from 4-6

Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary, 1518 University Avenue, Flint, Michigan.

A Note From the Teacher, Ms. Michele

"My students are independent and know that their work should be challenging to them."

Teachers in the Montessori classroom act as “guides” that are there to assist in the learning experience, rather than determine what the experience will be. Teachers develop the curriculum based on the children in the classroom. They will not determine the pace of the classroom as that is left up to individual students. Montessori teachers attempt to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Montessori at Home

Here are several ways you can implement the Montessori method at home:

Montessori Materials

The Golden Beads are the material most essential for teaching the decimal system to children in Montessori schools. It consists of unit beads which are just individual beads, ten bars which are short lengths of wire strung with ten beads, hundred squares which are made of 10 ten bars wired together to make a square, and thousand cubes which are made by wiring together 10 hundred square

Bagel and Cream Cheese With Tomato and Cucumber


  1. Toast the bagel halves and spread each with the cream cheese.
  2. Cut the cucumber into 8 rounds and several thin slices that can be used to form eyeglasses. Cut the tomato into 4 wedges and use one on each bagel half to form a smile.

Plans for 2017-2018 FCS Montessori

The past few months we have been working hard to get the word out that Flint Community Schools has a free Public Montessori Program. In 2016-17 the program is K-1, but next year we will be expanding to K-2 and possibly to an additional class. Please keep an eye open for communication on enrollment opportunities.

FCS Montessori Advisory Meeting

Friday, Feb. 10th, 4-6pm

Durant Tuuri Mott Elementary 1518 University Avenue, Flint, MI 48504

Anyone interested can attend.

Interest Forms 2017-2018

Please visit the link below to access the interest form for our FCS Montessori.