5th Grade Reading Reward

MAP Reading goals achieved!

5th Graders set goals and ACHIEVE!

Each 5th grade student began MAP reading testing with their personal goal, not only in mind, but on a post-it note in front of them. The room was incredibly quiet and students were intensely focused! As I walked through the room, I saw students applying the skills and practices we have learned this year. They took their time and were very respectful of others around them.

I am more than pleased to share that nearly every student met or exceeded their goal!

Popcorn & Movie

Friday, Dec. 4th, 1:30pm

12501 South 25th Street

Bellevue, NE

Students were allowed to vote on a reward for their hard work. They have decided on popcorn and a movie. We will be watching Pixar's Inside Out and doing a small lesson, with the movie in mind (Why do teachers have to make everything a learning experience? :) ).

Students are invited to bring a pillow or blanket (appropriately sized) and a drink. I will provide popcorn.

All about being a kid. . .