This Month @ Hilton HS Library

November 2012

Library use by the numbers

Library Visitors

  • 1161 students visited the library from study hall
  • 439 classes visited the library
  • 418 people visited the library website

Circulation Stats

  • Staff checked out 99 books
  • 9th graders checked out 242 books
  • 10th graders checked out 337 books
  • 11th graders checked out 208 books
  • 12th graders checked out 354 books
  • Shared 48 books with other schools through Inter Library Loan
  • The top reader of the month was Caitlen Barnum, reading 11 books this month

Database and Media Library Use

  • 132 projects completed in Noodle Tools
  • 6 students used Questia resources for research
  • iPod Audio Books: 9
  • Off-Air DVD requests: 8
  • Soundzabound mp3 Requests: 16
  • Learn360 Video Streams: 197
  • eLibrary was used for research by 218 students
  • 234 BrainPop videos watched

Scenes from the Library

Noodle Tools for organizing research and writing

This month I worked collaboratively with Kim Saxon and Leah Oltean to teach students how to organize information and cite sources using the library service Noodle Tools. Noodle tools helps students understand the note taking process helping students divide their information by direct quotations, paraphrasing, and original ideas to ensure they are giving appropriate credit. Student can organize note cards into piles and tag cards by themes or concepts to help create structure for the final paper.

To use Noodle Tools with your classes contact me for assistance!

About the Hilton HS Library

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