The Green Revolution

A great way make your country an international success!

Quite A Success!

The Green Revolution has been a huge success in many countries around the world, and yours could be next! Mexico and India have both seen immense benefits and growth economically, financially, and politically from partaking in the Green Revolution. Mexico was once importing almost all of its food from the international market, but now, thanks to the advances in agricultural technology and practices, Mexico has been 100% self sufficient and exporting a great deal of crops since 2006! The people of India were once on the brink of complete starvation, but after the Green Revolution was implemented, India doubled yearly production, set records for crop yield per unit of farmland, payed back all the loans it took from the World Bank, and is now on its way to becoming completely self sufficient in food production. Based on the success from these countries, who wouldn't want their country to have its own green revolution!

No More Debt!

If done right, the Green Revolution will provide your country with a new well of wealth that can be used to pay off any debt, or make your home better! The Green Revolution is so profitable, that your country can stop all importing, become self sufficient, and start exporting up to 6 tons of crop per hectare in just ten years! like India!

International Respect!

The Green Revolution will do wonders for your country! You and your people will grow financially, economically, and politically with the implementation of the Green Revolution. After your rise to success, other countries will see your progress, and want to do business with you! Only further benefitting your country and adding to your profits. Also, as you develop more from the Green Revolution, other countries will notice what you are doing well as a country and will begin to adopt your techniques. As the countries around you begin to become more profitable, your entire region becomes more wealthy, and all those around you will benefit! Now, that's efficient!