Social Media for the Classroom and Professional Development

Lincoln County Schools Edmodo

Why Should I Use This?

Edmodo is FREE and it has several popular social media features like the ability to email or text the user when the page is updated. The mobile app provides 24/7 access to most features. It is completely private! Parents can see all communication between the teacher and their child. It has classroom tools such as Assignments, Grade Book, Polls and Comments.

Using Edmodo in the Classroom

View the brief videos at the links below and note several ways that Edmodo extends learning outside the classroom.

Which strategies from the videos interest you the most and why? Enter your responses in the Comments area at the bottom of the page.


Using Edmodo for Professional Development

View the brief video at the link below to find out how to set up professional development in Edmodo.

How does Edmodo support PLCs and extend the conversation beyond F2F meetings?

The archived webinar from Denver Public Schools gives their experience in using Edmodo for professional development.


How is Edmodo being used for professional development in North Carolina?

The archived webinar highlights strategies being used in Cumberland, Mecklenburg and Winston Salem/Forsyth counties.


Edmodo vs. Moodle

The blog below presents pros and cons for both platforms.


What are your thoughts about using Edmodo to deliver or enhance professional development in our county? Enter your responses in the Comments section at the bottom of the page.