All about Me

Learn what makes me, me!

All about my self e-steem

I have neither a low or high self e-steem. I have about half and half. I think this is good because I don't think too lowly of myself to do something to harm myself and I don't think too highly of myself to be a conceded jerk to everyone.
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All About My Attitude

I'm not generally bursting with positivity when something in my life goes wrong. Although I don't think I'm a negative person either. When something bad goes wrong it's normal to get upset, but I don't spend all my time dwelling on the negatives. I perfer to think of myself as mutual when it comes to being positive and negative.
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All About My Careers

Now I'm obviously to young to have a career now but I do have a plan about how I'm going to make a living. I'm a creative person so what I want to be requires me to think outside the box. When I'm older I'd like to be an author and write fictional books. And I'd also like to be an artist.
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All About My Learning Style

There are three types of learning styles a person can have, auditory which means you learn best by hearing or listening and speaking. And then there tactile learners who learn best by feeling and touching. They like hands on projects. I'm a visual learner, that means I learn best by looking at pictures and seeing and ect.
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All about my personality

I am a very quiet and mellow person. I choose to have a small group of friends rather than a large group of acquaintances. I'm a very shy person. I'm introvert.
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All About My Brain Orientation

I'm majority a left brainer. That means that I'm obedient and follow rules and strategy. I'm a logical thinker and realistic when it comes to life.
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All About My Personality Color

If I were to put my personality into a color it would be red. Having a red personality means that you are a passionate person. Also it means the possibility of being a great leader.
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Additional Information To All About Me

I'm usually a mellow person. I'm decently smart. I enjoy things like talking about boys and listening to music. I also enjoy walking to places. Although a lot ticks me off too. For example hypocrites and some of the things that irritate is when people constantly talk all about themselves.