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The Linda Parker's Retreat 2016 Training Breakdown

Okay guys, this is the video series I sent out over voxer combing training's that I was blessed to witness at the Linda Parker retreat this year as well as material from the Erik Worre conference I attended in February. Please use this as you wish, each video is between 10-20 minutes long. I tried to sum up what we learned over the amazing weekend we shared with brilliant leaders such as Mo Boeger, Molly Geil, Tarrah Brandsma, Linda Parker, top income earner Cecelia Stoll and so many more. I hope you are able to get some good gold nuggets from these trainings.

This is just an option for how to present your products, please put your own spin on it! I enjoy the education piece, but you guys are welcome to take the pieces you like about my presentation and use them as your own.

Audio Presentation

This is an audio recording of what I say at my shows, feel free to pull from it. But please by all means make your presentation your own.