"Water Washed Indoor Air".


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INDOOR LIFE for most people is 16 hours or more daily.

All of us, including members of our families spend about 6 to 10 ( or more) hours in the bedroom. Stay home wives, parents, toddlers and babies spend up to 24 hours daily, indoors. Not to forget that we as working adults also spend 8 to 10 hours indoors within our home. Do you think that the INDOOR AIR in your homes is healthy?

TRUTH is that, air within our bedrooms and home is actually very stale, sick, weak and unhealthy. Our homes are as good as big boxes with 4 walls, the floor and a roof.

We live life sealed within this big "box". All our homes have very little or no chance for in flow of fresh air or outflow of "used" air.

There is an ongoing continous build up of pollutes, toxins, particulates. micro organisms and more in our "used indoor air". This is circulated by the air conditioning system, with added contaminants from the unit(s).

Besides the fact that the air is depleted of oxygen content, and having a higher concentration of carbon dioxide, indoor air is a continuing accumulation of dust, dust mites, fecal droppings, fumes off furniture varnishes, formaldehyde off wall paints, toxic chemical fumes off cleaning detergents and aerosols, cigarette smoke in many places and a lot more of air borne toxins and elements.

SICK BUILDING SYNDROME is showing its ill effects on human lives, and the numbers are increasing. You would have noticed the higher count of sinus cases, migraines, lethargy, asthmatics, and even ENT related disorders.

YOU CAN choose to WATCH an air washing activity.

Do get to know how so simple, practical and versatile it is to clean INDOOR AIR using water. Also do get to know about other air related issues and what actually worsens indoor air. See it all with your family members included. You will be glad that you did. See and chose to improvise.

Would you be aware about the other hidden "ill/ a health nuisance" within your home? They are the worst air pollution culprits and contaminator..... and none of you at home escape that "threat' and may not even know why you or others are the victims.

Watch and discover how "WATER CLEANS EVERYTHING".... and nothing gets wet.

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Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Shah Alam families can get a complimentary demonstartion within their own homes. Conditions apply. All other areas of peninsular Malaysia will be with special dates and time arrangements.