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Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

For me Speak was just another book I had to read for my Freshman English class. I had no idea the major effect this book would have on me. This book gives the ins and outs of High School from the beginning of school party, finding your seat in the lunch room, to the horrors of gym class. Not only those minor things but bigger things like dealing with your parents when grade checks come out, to having a secret balled up inside of you for months.

Melinda is the one girl in your class who is the quiet one who not many people find approachable, she wasn't always this way. She used to have many friends, but after one night at a party she called the cops. After that no one liked her, no one seemed to ask/care why she called the cops, but she automatically became an outcast within her peers. Having no one really got to her, she didn't want to speak, instead she turned to art. Melinda holds a secret inside of herself for many months, when she finally speaks the truth things begin to look up for her.

This book really changed the way I looked and assumed things about people I had never even talked to. Instead of assuming the quiet kid in the class is awkward and annoying, I can now stop and thing that maybe he has issues at home of being negated. Or the girl who never talks, like Melinda, maybe she has gone through something traumatic that made her that way. In all this book has taught me to not assume things and judge people, but just take a moment and think about things.

Speak Trailer (2004) [HD] - Kristen Stewart