Glendale-River Hills

April 2020: School District Update

Dear Parents & Guardians-

We hope everyone is safe and well during this challenging time. Please know that we realize your inboxes and Facebook feeds are blowing up with communication from various parties at school and recognize many of you are still trying to work full-time and help your child(ren) with their online learning. As a result, we are going to attempt to streamline the communication from the district and the schools.

Here is a summary of the communication methods you will be receiving from all of us moving forward.

District Communication will come once per month, on the first Tuesday of each month in the form of this parent newsletter. We will only break this commitment in the event something critical develops with school closure or re-opening that requires immediate information being shared.

Principal Communication will come bi-weekly on Thursdays beginning on April 16th via email.

Teacher Communication is the MOST important to pay attention to and will come weekly to each family. Glen Hills team leaders are sending email blasts to the entire grade level each Sunday with details for the week. Parkway teachers have reached out to families and, in some cases, have left voicemails checking in with families. Please continue to let classroom teachers know what mode of communication (phone calls, emails, Seesaw, etc.) you would like them to use moving forward.

Any additional tidbits that are shared on the Facebook pages, such as lunch menus, read-aloud sessions with teachers at Parkway, or fun pictures or videos, are ALL optional.

During the closure, we will NOT be sending a typical Thursday Folder. All communication will be those listed above.

NOTE: Parkway is handing out the next round of red learning bags this Thursday, April 9th from 8AM-6PM at Parkway.

We are still here to help!

As a district, we are committed to the health and well-being of all of our students, staff, and families. In particular, our hearts go out to students that may be struggling being away from their favorite people at school. As a result, we are sending this link to all parents as a way to get in touch with ANY staff member in the district that your child may want to talk to. If you or your child want a personal connection with someone in particular, please click on the link and follow the steps. Please know this information will be kept confidential.

EVERY Kid, EVERY day, WHATEVER it Takes!


In two weeks of free lunch services, we have served over 800+ meals to students in our community. The curbside pick-up has been a huge success, with oftentimes a line during our peak times.

In addition, we are delivering 20+ lunches to those that are unable to get to school for pick-up.

The menu is posted daily on each school's Facebook pages, but feel free to plan ahead using the menu link attached.

Please email or call (414) 350-6207 and delivery will be arranged. If you know of anyone that may need assistance that may not be reading this newsletter, please reach out so we can help.

Keep it clean!

How to Disinfect Your Computer/iPad/Chromebook
For Chromebook or computer screens, use 50% isopropyl alcohol. You can also use Clorox disinfectant wipes. Never use bleach or chlorine. Apply the isopropyl alcohol to a very soft cloth so it is damp, but not wet. Drips can cause damage.

  1. Power off the device and disconnect any accessories.
  2. Apply isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen.
  3. Apply isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe the keyboard and body of the device.
  4. Wait for the isopropyl alcohol to dry before turning the device on.

Never spray the cleaning solution directly onto the device.

North Shore Library Information

North Shore Library is closed; however, they are offering many virtual programs and they have librarians available for questions via chat M-F.

Visit them at:

Don't have a library card? Click on the "For Students" tab for information about how you or your students/families can open a library card online (requires a valid email address) and can gain access to many digital resources offered through the public library:

  • Libby by Overdrive for audiobooks and eBooks,
  • Hoopla Digital's online streaming services (eBooks, feature films, documentaries, comic books, TV series, music albums and audiobooks),
  • CreativeBug for arts & crafts video classes,
  • and more!

For your information

During the school closure, we are providing free lunch to all students regardless of free or reduced lunch status. Sadly, many people are being laid off or are losing their jobs during this pandemic, which will impact lives when we come out of this closure. If your family's financial security is being changed due to our this current crisis, please note the following information from Access for those that need help getting health care coverage, paying for groceries or child care costs:

In addition, it's a good time to plan ahead for after the closure. If you want to apply for free or reduced lunch now to prepare for the future, please contact in the business office.


As a district, we are committed to providing a quality education for ALL students.

Our commitment is to EVERY kid, EVERY day, Whatever it takes!