J. W. Leary Junior High School

February 18, 2022

Hello everyone,

Happy Mid-Winter Break!!

I want to thank all of you for working with us during this unique year. Day by day, step by step we are working with the children on gaining academic knowledge and social skills.

We've talked with many of you regarding how to help your child be more successful in school. I am grateful for our awesome faculty and staff who are diligently working with you so that the children develop the skills they need to be successful here and beyond. From equations to manners and all sorts of other things we are seeing progress and growth.

When we return from break we will again revisit the expectations as we head towards the end of the quarter. We will be 5 days away from the 25 week mark!

Monday February 21-Friday February 25 Mid-Winter Break

Friday March 4 End of 25 Weeks

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School Number Days

Monday 2/28 Day 5

Tuesday 3/1 Day 6

Wednesday 3/2 Day 1

Thursday 3/3 Day 2

Friday 3/4 Day 3

All JH Events

Drop off and Pick Up

The drop off loop for children coming to school by car is off of Highland Park. For the safety of the children it is important that children are dropped off and picked up in the parent loop.

To help with traffic flow when leaving JW Leary all cars are directed to turn right.

During busy times drop off is at the orange cone. Cars can pull up and park by the orange cone in the afternoon,

Parent pick up is at the same location.

Please note-effective 1/18 village officials have instituted no parking between Highland Park and Garvin Avenue.

School Attendance

School attendance is always important.

Recognizing that this is the week before break I want to emphasize that your child's presence in school is fundamental to their success. While we work to accommodate certain situations we always need to do so in line with the Board of Education policy 7110.

As outlined in the 2021 Reopening Meetings; if children are absent for reasons relating to COVID they will have 5 days upon return to school (teachers have been great to support kids with this!) to make up work.

Excused absences are due to personal illness, illness or death in the family, religious observance, quarantine, required court appearances, attendance at health clinics, road test, approved college visits, approved cooperative work programs, military obligations or other such reasons as may be approved by the Board of Education.

Upon returning to school following an excused absence the student should consult with teacher(s) regarding arrangements to make up missed work, assignments, and/or tests.

Unexcused absences are if the reason for the lack of attendance does not fall into the above categories (e.g. family vacation, hunting, babysitting, haircut, obtaining a learners permit, oversleeping, work, missing a ride, appointment, sporting competitions).

Nurse Gilman calls the family of every child not present. If you know your child is not going to be present please call the school 315-764-3720 or enter the information into this form.

Please Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

We are asking that children bring refillable water bottles to school.

The water bottles should have their names on them.

This will help reduce waste and will give kids access to water in classrooms.

Positivity Project Trait of next week is Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the ability to bring life and excitement to different situations. It often leads to a higher level of involvement and engagement both for individuals and for groups. Those who demonstrate zest and enthusiasm bring energy and a level of intensity to individual and group work. These people are often identified as early leaders and innovators as a result of their outward excitement about a task or project. Look for these people to recruit new group members and generate ideas.

People with enthusiasm and zest are happy, but this strength goes beyond happiness or pleasure. It is an activated positive energy, and associated with self-realization and autonomy. Enthusiasm is a strength that has strong connotations with both physical and mental vitality and well-being. It can be fortified through diet, exercise, mindset, and social connection.

All of the slide presentations are available in our Resources Library.

Massena CSD Technology Tips

This page contains a getting started, cheat sheet, and tips about using the various platforms we have at JWL and within the entire district.

Register for SchoolTool

This is where your child's schedule, attendance, discipline and grades are located.

If you would like access to the MCSD Parent Portal, please send an email to the following address: parentportal@mcs.k12.ny.us with your child(ren)'s name(s) and date of birth(s).

Please also verify your email address in the body of the email. Please anticipate a minimum of 3 to 5 business days for you to receive an email verifying your account.

MCSD Parent Portal - ​https://schooltool8.neric.org/SchoolTool_MASS/Default.aspx

SchoolTool Mobile App for Parents

The Schooltool Mobile Application is now setup and available for Massena CSD parents and students.

This link provides instructions for configuring and using the Massena CSD Schooltool mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

North New York Community Foundation Community Spirit Youth Giving Challenge Recipients!

Four of our seventh-grade students won the North New York Community Foundation Community Spirit Youth Giving Challenge that they entered last month. The students needed to explain what community means to them and "choose a nonprofit organization that embodies their definition of community and makes it a great place to live, work, and play."

Winners received a $500 grant to present to their nonprofit. This will happen publicly within the next month.

Our 7th grade winners are:

Kyla Donahue - for St. Lawrence County Hospice

Luke Bogart - for Massena Meals on Wheels

Reese Faucher - for the Massena Public Library

Serenidy Rust - for PAL (Police Activities League of Massena)

Great job to the children and teachers who helped to bring this to our community!

Raider Times

8th Grade Team 4 Honors Children are starting a website called Raider Times. The class is seeking photos taken by children.

Themes are selected by the class. This months theme is Winter Wildlife!

Winter Wildlife

Images should be of the outdoors and natural wildlife. No images of people will be accepted.

Please include the general location of your image (i.e. Route 131) and a title for it. (I.e. Snowbird Scenes).

Please send along any photos to Ms. Charleson @April Charleson by Thursday, March 3rd. Our Newsletter staff will vote on the top choices and you will be in our first edition of 2022.

Letter Regarding COVID Tests that were distributed 2/16

Dear Families/Guardians

New York State has made at-home COVID-19 test kits available to schools statewide. These test kits were delivered to our local BOCES and are currently being distributed to each of our schools.

The purpose of these tests is to monitor the spread of COVID-19 within our community as part of the ongoing effort to keep our school buildings open for in-person instruction. Tests can be utilized whether or not a student is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days, you should not test them.

State and local health officials are providing these tests as a resource to schools and families. Tests were distributed to students and brought home from school on Wednesday, February 16.

We strongly suggest that parents conduct one of these tests on their student on Monday, February 28, 2022 prior to sending them to school that morning, and again three days later.

Please note that any positive test results from an at-home test must be reported to the local health department and to your school nurse. You do not need to report test results obtained elsewhere, and you do not need to report negative test results.

To report your results, Fill out the online form found on the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department (SLCPHD) website. For additional information on reporting positive at-home test results, please see the attached document from St. Lawrence County Public Health.

Please remember that if your child has a symptom of COVID-19, they should be tested at home using a rapid test, or at a clinic, doctor’s office or a testing site. Anyone with a positive test result should isolate and contact St. Lawrence County Public Health. For more information on testing, quarantine and isolation please visit https://www.stlawco.org/Departments/PublicHealth/COVID-19.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to keep our students in school. If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 testing or other health and safety protocols, please do not hesitate to call our Head Nurse AnneMarie Miller at 315-764-3700 x3101.


Patrick H. Brady

Superintendent of Schools

Thank You Stewarts!!

Stewarts will be donating ice cream, toppings (chocolate, caramel, strawberry, marshmallow, and sprinkles) to support the JW Leary Team that increases academic achievement by decreasing the number of failing classes and children failing classes.

Thank you Stewarts for supporting our children!

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Great job students and staff!

Coming back from break we took a step to acknowledge the students and staff who have been noted for their above and beyond work.

Over 25 students received notes home outlining their positive contributions to our school community.

The form to nominate those going above and beyond is on our website and posted below!

CFES Brilliant Pathways Programming

Our partnership with CFES has provided an opportunity for children to apply to attend the West Point Summer STEM Camp.

We are grateful to provide this opportunity to families.

Something is concerning-

We also want to recognize that knowledge of situations is our best defense. The situations we have learned about have been handled before turning into something more.

If people see/hear something, say something.

The below form which is also linked on our website is one way to do that.

All concerns expressed to the school are thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. We cannot do something if we do not know about it. It is a service to the entire community when items are shared.

We are all in this together and we all have the same goal. Thank you for your support!


At JW Leary we are fortunate to be able to offer free breakfast for all children.

Doors open at 7:15 am for children getting breakfast.

Children do need their Schoolbucks account number to get breakfast and lunch.

This links to the current breakfast/lunch menu!

A big thank you to our amazing cafeteria staff who helps this to be possible!

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Raider Academy for Grades 1-8

Dear Families,
The Massena Central School District is excited to begin an afterschool program named Raider Academy for Grades 1-8. Please click the link to read more about the program and to enroll your child(ren). https://forms.gle/8MokfaQAeZuRWMd36
If you have any questions please email dchapman@mcs.k12.ny.us or call (315) 764-3700 x3024.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your student or your family. We have so many great things happening at school.

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns please email azullo@mcs.k12.ny.us or call the school 315-764-3720.

Mrs. Zullo

J. William Leary Junior High School

Grades 7-8 of the Massena Central School District.