Let There Be Text!

No Text Laws!!!

What's there to worry about?

It seems everyone is worried about the troubles of texting while driving. So much so that the government is considering making such an activity against the law! But honestly, whats the big deal? I personally text all the time while I drive. Along with many other things, such as eating, bathing my dog, talking on the phone, ordering takeout, running stoplights and/or signs, clipping my toenails, and, of course, constructing a nuclear explosive device, like any normal person would do. But aside from my personal opinions, there are many facts that favor the non-law side of the bias.

Undeniable Truths

Factual Truths of Honesty

Of all of the tickets recieved because of phone useage during the operation of a motorized automobile, only 6% of them are from texting. The other 94% are from talking, use of the interwebs, and other various things involving a cellular device. Also, texting has been scientifically proven to increase the life expectency of the texter, but it only effects the length of their life if they are driving simultaniously.

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