Pakistan in Turmoil

Are they in need of a revolution?

Taliban in control

The Taliban have been terrorizing schools, cities and many people throughout Pakistan. People are being publicly shot and whipped in the streets. Corpes of politicians and political figures are publicly displayed along side anyone who is against the Taliban.

Key Issues

Girls need to be allowed to go to school, and Pakistan needs to be rid of the Taliban. This Revolution will definetly involve violence since the Taliban will not give up their power so easily.

A Revolution

Pakistan needs to send words of despair throughout countries, asking for help and alliance with Pakistans own military. Canada and the United States should be there primary alliance. Mamnoon Hussain needs to list all of the changes that must take place. He must rally up the people and deliver a speech that will pump up the citizens. This speech should not take place with everybody in the same place at the same time, as the Taliban will bomb that location in order to keep power. Notes and plans need to be passed from household to household in order to keep the citizens up to speed. In order to keep the Taliban out of the loop, the notes must only be passed to those who people trust. As soon as Pakistans military has enough alliances, they must attack the Talibans hideouts and the Taliban themselves. In order for the locations of these places, an undercover person may have to infiltrate them. Ater the revolution, I believe that Mamnoon Hussain must remain the President for a while.