FlipGrid in the Classroom

Give students a voice.

To answer questions or complete assignments, students create short videos. These videos are shared with each other in a class setting. Students can listen and respond to each other.

The teacher has multiple ways of managing the grid.

  • Share the FlipGrid using a code through Google Classroom.
  • Turn on or off student responses
  • Allow stickers or drawings
  • Evaluate the videos before they are posted if you choose.
  • Many many options

FlipGrid is free but you can upgrade for more options. The free version is perfect for classroom use!

Quick Walkthrough Video

Flip Grid Sample.

The best way for you to understand FlipGrid is to try it out!

  • Click on the link below.
  • Create a recording. You will only have 15 seconds.
  • Review your recording and try again if you want.
  • Take a selfie and add stickers.
  • Add your name. Everything else on the form is optional.
  • Submit and Done!

Presentation Evaluation

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