Scott Pyne

Singer, worker, avid napper

Who am I?

My name is Pyne. Scott Pyne. I'm currently a high school senior working a snazzy job at dunkin donuts. I consider myself cool and fun, i don't know what others think, but I am a mild narcissist, so i think I'm awesome! I like naps, sorry, LOVE naps. Yet i also like staying up all night going on fun adventures and wandering around the valley and beyond. I guess I'm smart, but I'm a professional procrastinator so that's a problem. Everybody has flaws, that's one of mine. I expect myself to try and learn to work hard and excel academically in this concurrent class and hopefully it will benefit me.
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Shane Koyczan - The Crickets Have Arthritis

opinion of smore

I really like this. It's easy to use and it could be a great way to spread either ideas, or information or anything really. It has so many options, and you can make it interesting to catch the eye of viewers. It's user friendly and these flyers and so easy and fast to design that there's really no draw backs to it. I like it and will use it again if i need to.