Relationships and Identity

By Bridie Bremner

Informed Conscience

Informed Conscience are instincts that allow decision making to occur while considering all of the possible consequences as well as the possible gains.

Catholic Church teachings on sexual intimacy

The Catholic Church teaches that:

Sexuality is a great gift.

Sexual intimacy finds its fullness in the commitment of a marriage relationship.

Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person.

Sexual acts have two functions: They are both unitive and procreative.

Unitive: means the couple are brought together in a special way through intercourse.

Procreative: means that sexual intercourse has the potential to start a new life or baby.

Homosexual acts can not be procreative.

Sexual acts must respect the dignity of each person.

The church teaches these because:

We are created with dignity and worth that gives us rights, responsibilities and uniqueness.

Every human act, sexual or otherwise should enhance and reflect the image, dignity and respect of individuals.

Of the need to maintain standards, to protect and promote these values.

Catholic Church teachings on contraceptives

The Catholic Church teaches that sexual intercourse should only be for marriage relationships and abstinence is the way. Abstinence is not having any form of sexual acts before being legally married to your long life partner.

Post Unit Reflection on what is important in a healthy relationship.

I believe trust and communication are the two main things you need in order to have a healthy relationship. Giving one another space and time out to be with friends or to do what they enjoy is also important and helps to keep each single mind positive and social.

To have a healthy relationship with another person, you need to have a healthy relationship with yourself. You start by accepting yourself and feeling happy with the way you are. Honesty is a big part of a positive and healthy relationship, because without honesty comes mistrust, distance and sometimes connections are lost. Having things in common helps for a healthy relationship, like same taste in music or favourite movies, just so theres something easy to agree on and begin conversations etc.