3S Sensations

Week of 11.11.16

A Note From Ms. Salazar

Are you ready for the long weekend?! The students definitely deserve it after the hard work they put in this week.

Typing Agent

Another reminder that students are required to log on for a minimum of 20 minutes to practice at home. This is in addition to the time we spend practicing our typing in the computer lab in school. If your child is having any difficulty logging on, please let me know so we can solve the problem. I will be printing reports every Monday to check the previous week's time spent on the program. Thank you for your support at home with this.

Math Test

Next week we will be wrapping up our unit on Area and Perimeter. We will focus on identifying situations that require us to calculate area vs. perimeter and the key words to look for. Other skills to be covered include:


Perimeter of shapes with length of sides given (add all sides)

Perimeter of shapes on grid paper (count units around the shape)

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Calculate the length of an unknown side when perimeter is given

Draw all the possible rectangles with a given perimeter

In number stories (single and multi step)


Area of rectangles with length of sides given (multiply length x width)

Area of shapes drawn on grid paper (count the square units)

Calculate the length of an unknown side when area is given

Draw all the possible rectangles with a given area

Area of rectilinear shapes (divide into 2 rectangles, add the areas)

In number stories (single and multi step)

Written reviews will be completed next week in class and for HW. Please let me know if you have any questions!

New Student

3S will have a new student starting next week. The kiddos are very excited to welcome Alex into 3S. I have no doubt that they will make him feel welcome in our classroom community.

Important Upcoming Dates

1/11 Noontime Enrichment Begins

1/18 School Closed, MLK Day

1/20 School Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

1/26 Salad Bar Lunch

1/29 School Store, 1150-1240

1/29 PTA Parent Social-See Information in Mr. Bissinger's E News

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Wonderful Writing

Have you ever written a book with information? In Elizabeth Haddon School, 3S we are writing them!

We learned about something new called elaboration. Elaboration is when you stretch out your book and add details. For example: vingettes are small stories to explain what you are trying to teach. Like this one: “I was having trouble dancing but then I heard about stretching your bones, it was much easier.”

Something else important is chapter planning. To do that we planned a mini table of contents with all of our ideas and info to put in our chapters. We had to make sure our table of contents was strong before we could start drafting our chapters. We also had to make sure our chapters were in a logical order.

When we come to our chapters, 3S added juicier words to make our chapters better. We made sure our reader would get hooked by our chapter names. We also made sure our chapters had the same length and importance. That’s it for now!

By: Eleanor and Bella
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Reading Workshop Extravaganza!

By: Jason, Cleo, and Izzy

There is some wild things going on in 3S just about reading workshop!

Our skill that we had this week was fact and opinion. A fact is something that you can prove. For example, Jason is wearing an orange shirt. An opinion is something you think or feel. For example I think Jason’s shirt is cool. After we found out our skill for the week we did an app on the ipad about Fact and Opinion. One opinion on the iPad was I love ice cream. One fact on the iPad was Abraham Lincoln wore a tall hat.

We also read a biography on Michael Jordan (is a very famous basketball player,) and Jim Thorpe (a professional at a lot of sports.) Speaking of Michael Jordan we did a compare and contrast RACE response on him and Roberto Clemente. A RACE stands for Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite the source, and Explain. When you do a compare and contrast RACE you need to write two paragraphs.

That’s a wrap up on reading! Hope you enjoyed!


By: Daniel and Elise

Do you like chemistry? Well, We’re about to find out?

When we went to the science lab we observed 5 different powders. The had colors. The colors were: red, orange, green, yellow, and blue. We observed the properties. Some were: size, color, texture, shape, liquid, solid, and gas. Then we predicted and put water on the powder. The green turned into a solid when we put water on it!! And most of our predictions were right. We saw a bunch of cool effects.

Performing the Water Drop test

The Unknowns


By: Margo and Ainsley

Up, down, left, right, inside, and outside. This week in math we are learning about ( drum roll please “bada bada ba”!) area. And the first thing we learned about is a square unit. Square units cover the whole shape inside. Then you count all the squares inside the shape to find the area. You can measure in any thing with square units like ft., mm., mi., in., and cm. But when opposite sides are equal to figure out the are it will be easier when you measure the area you multiply the length and width to find the answer. Then when you find the two answers you add them up to get your product. But the area only works with rectangular shapes. But you should never try it with a circle that doesn’t have grid paper on it. But when you have a rectangular shape you divide the shape into two lines like this shape: We split the who rectangles in half. The next thing is how to figure out the missing sides. Here is an example in words.

First step is to divide the two rectangles in half. Second step is to remember that opposite sides are equal and since the one is “cut in half” find the opposite side and minus that from the original side. Then do the number model. For example 6 x 2 = 12 and 3 x 8 = 24. Get the 12 and 24 and add them up. 12 + 24 = 36. Up, down, left, right, and inside and outside. Hope you learned something new to you.

Spotlight Student!