Christmas Island

"Crabs Everywhere!"


Only 2,072 residents live here (as of 2014)! But keep in mind that this small island is only 52 square miles!

Living Life on Christmas Island

Residents, here on Christmas Island, have to deal with a lot of tourist. But on the other hand, they are rarely bored because there is so many tourist attractions and beaches that are easy to access. Residents have to adapt to the unusually large amount of red crabs (50-100 million) with them. But be aware its common for roads will be blocked due to red crab migration.


Christmas Island is a territory of Australia, so their government is a Constitutional Monarchy. A Constitutional Monarchy is a form of government in which a king or queen acts as Head of State. The ability to make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament, not with the Monarch.

Religions, Language, and Climate

Buddhism 36%

Muslim 25%

Christian 18%

Other 21%

The main language of Christmas Island is English. The climate on Christmas Island is tropical.

Geography of Christmas Island

The Indian Ocean is all around Christmas Island (literally!) There is also 7 deep valleys called " The Dales". The Dales attract a lot of tourists and residents who enjoy beautiful scenic views and long hikes. Hugh's Dale Waterfall is in The Dales and is just another reason that makes these valleys so attractive.