Shooting in Ferguson

How a unarmed teen was shot by a police officer

What Happened

Teenager Micheal Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was shot by Ferguson PD Darren Wilson on August 9 2014 . Some say that this was a act of racism because of the race of Micheal Brown was African American and Darren Wilson was Caucasian. However Micheal Brown was a suspect in a armed robbery just minutes after.

Protest and Riots

Riots and Protest

The death of Micheal Brown influenced many people to start riots and protest. The riots were not peaceful there were looting and violent unrest. The riots were so chaotic that the police sent out riot squads to contain the riots and protest. The riot squads had to use tear gas and there were over 15 arrest. The protest got more and more violent after the Grand Jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson. The United States Department of Justice has launched a investigation regarding misconduct and discrimination.


Darren Wilson created a fundraiser for him and he raised over 235,000 in donations. The donors have said comments such as "Of. Wilson did his duty Darren Wilson was just a "common street thug."
Other comments include " We will NOT let the bastard Sharpton put u in prison I'll donate and i want you to go buy some ammo with this, Wake Up America!"