Illinois School Report Card

Illinois School Report Card Released Today

Dear District 41 Community,

The Annual Illinois School Report Card generated by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) was released today. There is a lot to celebrate in District 41!

The School Report Card is based on the Every Student Succeeds Act, “ESSA.” They are measuring school quality based on a number of indicators. Schools are given a designation of exemplary, commendable, underperforming, or lowest-performing.

District 41 schools are designated in the top two categories of “exemplary” or “commendable.” Congratulations to Abraham Lincoln School and Forest Glen School for being designated as exemplary and listed in the top 10 percent of the state on the school report card. This is the second year Lincoln School has been included in the exemplary category. All other schools were within 15 points from being in the exemplary category! Congratulations to all schools!

Abraham Lincoln = Exemplary

Benjamin Franklin = Commendable

Churchill = Commendable

Forest Glen = Exemplary

Hadley Junior High = Commendable

The entire report card can be found online, click here.